Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rain play

These days our children are rarely exposed to the elements.They don't get wet in the rain and they don't splash in the puddles afterwards.We mothers also are very particular about keeping them clean.However,I still have vivid memories of getting wet in the rain....it sure was an exhilarating experience!!!

A few days ago on a rainy day instead of indoor activities I encouraged the children to go out and play.I took them out in raincoats and wellington boots. The moment they were out I could clearly see how excited they were.....there was no warming up period and they got into it immediately.They started jumping in the puddles and splashing water all over.....

Then we went on the side of the street where there were a lot of puddles and near a bus stand and quite a few pedestrians were amused by the activities of the kids.I had brought some water toys in a bag and on the sidewalk the puddles were quite muddy.My boy loved digging the muddy areas with his shovel.Their play became more and more exciting and climaxed into each child pouring muddy water on the other one's head!My boy too was enjoying this which is surprising considering that he doesn't like messy things at all.....this kind of delighted me.....nothing like a bit of messy play for such children to overcome their squeamishness!

After the rain stopped the kids kept playing with the mud and puddles for some time and upon returning both seemed very contented over their adventure!

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